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Chewy's Spooktacular Halloween Campaign

How it Started

When Chewy asked us to create an engaging Halloween campaign featuring adorable pet costumes, we had to say yes! Chewy’s audience are not just pet owners, but pet parents, and we took on the job of creating something that would wow them and make that "add to cart" 👆 decision a no brainer!



We planned every detail of each shoot closely with the Chewy team, to make sure we nailed down the look they were going for, from scouting locations to selecting our models. We also used different lighting depending on the theme, and as you'll notice, the hero shots look more dramatic than the animal kingdom costumes. Brands like Rubie’s Costume Company and California Costumes were featured, making this campaign even more fun!


Each costume required a different dog model, which made took a lot of preplanning, but we carefully selected models from our database and also scouted for some extra ones (when we needed some specific breeds that weren't available). We had to cast carefully, since the costumes had to fit the dogs perfectly, ensuring the features were easily visible in the shots.  

What it took

6+ Days of Shooting

15 Models

10 Locations

15+ Adorable Costumes

LOTS of Treats

The Results

The images were a success, and were seamlessly integrated into blog articles, social media posts, email marketing, and their website for the entire season. The campaign successfully engaged Chewy's audience and reinforced the brand's reputation for delivering adorable and fun Halloween-themed content.

Some of it still lives on the be.Chewy blog. Click the link below 👇


How it Came Out

The Models


Ready to

get started?

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