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Transforming Pooch Creamery's Product Imagery

How it Started

Pooch Creamery approached us seeking to revamp several of their product images and expand their visual assets. Looking to improve their previous imagery, they aimed to align their visuals more closely with their brand's style and elevate the overall quality.



Our goal was to create high-quality, vibrant images that accurately reflected pooch creamery's brand aesthetic while showcasing their products in an appealing light. This involved selecting the perfect dog model and capturing the essence of fun and excitement associated with their brand.

We collaborated closely with pooch creamery to understand their brand's lighting style and color palettes, ensuring consistency across all imagery. Careful consideration went into choosing an adorable and playful dog model that would complement their brand's fun style. Shooting in-studio presented its challenges, particularly when working with ice cream as a prop. We meticulously planned each shot, making multiples of each ice cream to maintain freshness, and enlisted the help of a patient and highly trained dog model to ensure a smooth process.

What it took

Models: 1

Products: 5

Locations: 1

Shoot Days: 1

The Results

The revamped product imagery significantly enhanced pooch creamery's visual presence and brand perception. The high-quality images captured the essence of their brand and helped attract and engage customers across multiple platforms.

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How it Came Out

The Models


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