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Elevating LollyPup's Brand 

How it Started

When LollyPup approached us for updated product photos of their new line of dog mom accessories, we immediately fell in love with their unique brand aesthetic. Being local to South Florida, we had the chance to get personally involved in planning the shoot, which was a fantastic experience.

LollyPup's goal was to showcase their new products in a way that aligned with their brand's unique style. Our goal was to create clean, attention grabbing images that elevated the brand's image and resonated with their target audience; cool dog moms 🐶😎



Working closely with LollyPup, we planned every aspect of the shoot, from selecting colors and lighting to choosing the perfect models. Rather than a traditional pet product shoot, we aimed for something you'd see in a fashion magazine.

With creative collaboration and attention to detail, we captured images that showcased LollyPup's products in a fun yet elegant way. Incorporating images of the brand owner and her pup added a personal touch that connected with LollyPup's audience; the cool dog moms.

What it took

Dog Models: 1

Human Models: 1

Locations: 1

Shoot Days: 1

The Results

The imagery helped LollyPup successfully launch their new products across various channels and platforms. The fashion-forward approach resonated perfectly with dog moms, attracting attention and generating buzz about their high end and fashion forward accessories.

Want to see some of our work in action?

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How it Came Out

The Models


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