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Revamping Pet Craft Supply's Amazon Presence

How it Started

Pet Craft Supply (now known as PetMate) came to us with a specific ask: they needed a package of pet & product photography and videos of their interactive pet toys specifically for Amazon listings, that could also be used across social media channels and their website. Our job was to demonstrate how the toys worked, with engaging & fun visuals.



We did a series of shoots for a variety of adorable dog and cat toys. We casted pet models that we knew would engage with the toys and used locations that were relatable to pet parents. We used lighting that complemented Pet Craft Supply's colorful brand style, making sure that the images and videos popped.

What we ended up with ranged from product photos on a studio white background, ideal for Amazon listings and graphics, to lifestyle images and videos featuring pets playing with the toys. We also included step by step video to demonstrate the right way to use the toys. Choosing pet models that were not startled by some of the interactive toys created a unique challenge. But with patience and a bit of trial and error, we were able to find the perfect models. In the end we got the perfect variety of visuals they needed to bring to bring their Amazon landing page and listings to life.

What it took

Dog Models: 3

Locations: 1

Shoot Days: 2

The Results

The images and videos we created played a big part in improving Pet Craft Supply's Amazon presence. They were able to show potential buyers the value and functionality of the toys, and in turn attract more customers and make more sales. Pet Craft Supply also used our images to create infographics, making their Amazon listings even more effective.

Want to see some of our work in action?

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How it Came Out

The Models


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