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Upgrading Canine Chews' 

E-commerce Presence

How it Started

Canine Chews was looking to revamp their e-commerce listings, and replace their older pet product photography for higher quality ones, that showed the products better on their Amazon, Walmart & Target listings, website and social media. Their main goal was to get fresh photography for e-commerce listings, but they also wanted to be able to use the images for infographics as well. In addition, they started incorporating video to show their chews in action with real dogs!



The products we shot consisted of chews and rawhides for dogs, and we shot them in a combination of different angles and quantities for variety. They were all shot on white, as needed for e-commerce listings. For video, we focused on a lifestyle setting, with dog models that reflected their targeted audience.

Sometimes food products can be inconsistent when it comes to shapes and textures, so we had to make sure we chose the ones that represented the product the best, and light them in a way that made them pop, showed the textures and colors, but still stayed within the requirements of the platforms.

What it took

Locations: 2+

Shoot Days: Ongoing

Dog Models: 4+

Products: 30+

The Results

Canine Chews saw increased brand awareness and sales as they started rolling out the new and improved photos and videos to their listings, and their overall look across platforms have improved visually. 

Want to see some of our work in action?

Click the link below 👇


How it Came Out

The Models


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