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Creating BUZZ for Neater Pets' Product Launch with Visuals

How it Started

When Neater Pets came to us about the launch of a new, innovative product (the Furdozer), we were happy to jump on board! They needed all kinds of visuals for the release, from product photography to lifestyle pet & product video. The goal was to show the multiple functions of the new tool, while relating to their established audience, and reaching new pet parents as well.



There were multiple versions of the new product, and each one had different cool features we had to highlight. We scouted different locations, actors, and pet models for the series of shoots.

To make sure the content was relatable to their pet parent audience, we chose settings that reflected where Neater Pets' products are used in everyday life. One challenge during these shoots was maintaining visual appeal through the mess. We had to show lots of loose fur all over surfaces, while demonstrating how great the tools were at cleaning it all up. We focused on how satisfying it was to watch the clean up, making it addicting to watch. 

What it took

Dog Models: 1

Human Models/Actors: 2

Locations: 3+

Shoot Days: 3+

Products: 4

The Results

Neater Pets had a successful launch, and was featured in multiple articles and was even featured on Good Morning America. 

"Thanks to the great video Work For Treats did for us, we saw a 20% increase in sales year over year."

Jill Randolph, Neater Pets

Want to see some of our work in action?

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How it Came Out

The Models


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