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Putting the WOW into Neater Pets' Brand with Lifestyle Product Videos

How it Started

Our journey with Neater Pets began with the Neat Lik Mat, and their need for professional, engaging videos to show their range of pet products. Neater Pets goal was to demonstrate how their products could improve the lives of pet owners while maintaining cleanliness, a core focus of the brand.



The products we were asked to create visuals for included bowls, mats and elevated feeders (to name a few), and called for specific sizes and breeds of dogs and cats (showing how the products could help with different issues too). We had to carefully select models that would perform well eating or drinking from the bowls as well.

To make sure the content was relatable to their pet parent audience, we chose locations that reflected where Neater Pets' products are used in everyday life. One challenge during these shoots was effectively showing the messes that could be contained within the products. No one likes looking at dirty products, but it was important to show how good the products were at keeping control of a mess. So we had to keep a balance between showing the effectiveness of the products and visual appeal. All this, while keeping that emotional connection feel between pet parents and their pets.

What it took

Dog Models: 6+

Locations: 5+

Shoot Days: 6+

Products: 20+

The Results

Neater Pets saw increased engagement and sales following the adding of the new and improved photo & videos. 

"Thanks to the great video Work For Treats did for us, we saw a 20% increase in sales year over year."

Jill Randolph, Neater Pets

Want to see some of our work in action?

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How it Came Out

The Models


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