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Meet our models

Say hello 👋🏻 to our beautiful pet models! 🐶🐱

Our models are local to South Florida and love ❤️ the spotlight. They can't wait to be featured in your commercial or ad. Have a look - click on their picture to read some fun facts -  and choose which one you want to model your product(s).  

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Drogon posing

🐕: Siberian Husky

❤️: Dog Shows

Louie - dog - with hamburger on head

🐕: French Bulldog

Kilo our dog model
Kilo our dog model in postal man costume

🐕: German Shepherd

❤️: Fetch, Laser Chasing

🥳: 3-7-2016

Thor our dog model
Thor our dog model posing

🐕: Golden Retriever 

AKA: Thorsies

🥳: 6-28-21

❤️: Being the Goodest Boy

Doron our dog model
Doron our dog model with dog toy in his mouth

🐕: Border Collie

❤️: Fetch, Outdoors

Kush our cat model
Kush our cat model wearing glasses and bow tie

🐱: Exotic Shorthair

❤️: Sunbathing, People Watching, Sleeping

AKA: Kush Sensei

Avril our dog model
Avril our dog model wearing lobster costume

🐶: French Bulldog

Saanvi our dog model
Saanvi our dog model model picture

🐕: Siberian Husky

❤️: The Beach, Dog Shows

Louie our dog model
Louie our dog model licking his mouth

🥳: 3/5/20


❤️: swimming,playing ball

Mochie our dog model
Mochie our dog model wearing superman costume

🐕: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

🥳: 03/14/20

❤️: EAT, Run, Fetch, Shop

AKA: Baby Moch

Fig our dog model
Fig our dog model posing on a dog bed

🐕: Brussels Griffon

🥳: 11/04/19

❤️: Fetch, Paddle Boarding, Boating, Hiking

Ruger our dog model
Ruger our dog model catching a ball in nature

🐶: Labradoodle

❤️: Run Outdoors, Fetch

Dobby our dog model
Dobby our dog model playing with a dog toy

🐶: Chipoo

❤️: Fetch, Eating

Benji our dog model
Benjo our dog model posing for a picture

🐕: Miniature Schnauzer

❤️: Play Outside

Bambi our dog model
Bambi our dog model posing for a picture

🐕: Maltese

🥳: 10-28-21

AKA: Bamilinni

❤️: Being a Sassy King

Karma our dog model
Karma our dog model posing for a picture

🐕: Siberian Husky

❤️: Dog Shows,  Being a Mom,

Samson our dog model
Samson our dog model looking silly in a picture

🐶: Pug

🥳: 11-4-18

❤️: Making hoomans happy

AKA: Samsy



Kip our cat model
Kip our cat model posing for a picture

🐱: Forest Cat Mix/Rescue

❤️: Sunbathe, Cuddle, Play 

Sophia our dog model
Sophia our dog model posing inside a basket

🐕: Yorkshire Terrier

🥳: 11-22-2012
AKA: Soph Soph
❤️: Boating,  Lizard Hunting

Rbi our cat model
Rbi our cat model up close and super cute

🐱: Mix/Rescue

❤️: Sunbathe, Play

Hamilton our dog model
Hamilton our dog model with dog toy in his mouth

🐶: Scottish Terrier

❤️: Yoga, Chase 🦎, Travel

AKA: Hami

Vienna our dog model
Vienna our dog model wearing glasses for a picture

🐶: Dachshund
❤️: Sleep, Eat, Model
🥳: 03/19/13
AKA: Vienna Sausage, Salchi

Kai our dog model
Kai our dog model wearing a scully

🐕: Belgian Malinois
🥳: 7/19/18
❤️: Catch Frisbee, Swimming

Melody our dog model
Melody our dog model giving the side-eye

🐕: Goldendoodle

❤️: The Beach

🥳: 2022

Luna our dog model
Luna our dog mode and a Giant Schnauzer posing with her big tongue out

🐶: Giant Schnauzer
🥳: 4/23/13
❤️: To Party, Shop, Travel
AKA: Puppy, Luna Schnauzeroona

Reno our cat model getting petted

🐱: Mix/Rescue

🥳: 2023

Diesel our dog model posing for a Christmas picture

🐕: Doberman Pinscher
🥳: 12/22/15
AKA: Diesel Weasel
❤️: Sleep, Eat, The Beach.

Peyton our dog model
Peyton our dog model wearing a costume

🐶: Mix
🥳: 06/10/17 
❤️: Chase Squirrels
&  Bandanas

Mufasa our dog model
Mufasa our dog model roaming in the tall grass

🐶: American Bulldog/ Pit bull
🥳: 04/20/14
AKA: Mufi
❤️: Sleep, Howl, Hiking

Alfie our dog model wearing a scully
Alfie our dog model wearing a scarf

🐶: Goldendoodle

❤️: Therapy Work, Shopping, Beach

Sarah our dog model jumping through hoops

🐶: Mix/Rescue

❤️: Agility

Dodger our dog model
Dodger our dog model looking handsome
Cobu our dog model
Cobu our dog model wearing a costume in the jungle

🐶: Labrador Retriever

❤️: Fetch, Swimming

🥳: 2013

Hera our dog model
Hera our dog model posing like a superstar

🐕: Doberman 
🥳: 2/15/18 
❤️: Fetch, Scent Work  & Bite Things.


🐶:Border Collie
❤️: Agility, Dock diving  
🥳: November 2017


🐱: Cat
🥳: 2013
❤️: Dress up, be a cat.

Allie our dog model
Allie our dog model wearing sunglasses

🐕: Siberian Husky

❤️: Swimming, Fetch

AKA: Fluffy Chewy Monster


🐕: Mix/Potcake

Samurai our cat model
Samurai our cat model posing in front of a orange backdrop

🐱: Turkish Angora

🥳: 8/11/12

❤️: Travel, Cuddle


🐶: Jack Russell Terrier
❤️: Hiking, Agility, Travel
🥳: 05/22/2019


🐶: Mix
❤️: Swimming
🥳: 2020

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