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Chewy's Social Media Success

How it Started

In 2016, Chewy wanted to boost their social media presence, focusing on relatable and adorable pet content. As they grew, their goal shifted to creating more targeted content for their expanding pet parent audience, and the need for custom visual content also increased.



Our partnership began with providing photography featuring pets and products for social media. Since their brand was in continuous development at the time, we had to make sure to keep up with any changes that came our way. We even expanded to photographing more types of animals as they wanted to feature other products they sell - from farm animals to small critters. Finding a horse or snake model proved to be more difficult than finding dogs and cats, but we love the challenge and made it happen! As their following exploded, we fine tuned our strategy to include blog imagery and marketing material as well.

What it took

Dog Models: Too many to count! Close to 100 🐾

Locations: All over South Florida, and across USA

Shoot Days: Years of weekly shoots

The Results

Combining Chewy’s social media marketing strategy with custom photography tailored to their audience, Chewy's social media following has skyrocketed from less than 10K to close to 1 million engaged fans, putting them as the #1 go to for pet parents and the pet community.  

Some of it still lives on the be.Chewy blog. Click the link below 👇


How it Came Out

The Models


Ready to

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