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It's a well known fact, that reels are the fastest way to reach non-followers (a.k.a

new pet parents)!

So, how can we improve our video quality just using our phones?

👀 keep reading below! 👇

Explore your phone's camera settings for video quality. Most phones can shoot up to 8K now, but for most social media content, HD at 30fps is sufficient, with higher resolutions generally being overkill. Always check each platform's requirements for best results.

2. Cinema Mode & Portrait Video

Blur out your background and add a WOW factor to your video! Put all the focus on your main subject, and remove distracting backgrounds. On Iphone, the setting is called "Cinema" and on Android, look for "Portrait Video." This is a great way to highlight your pet products or pet model ✨

3. Don't forget to clean your lens!

It's easy to forget and can make you lose an otherwise great shot.

Dirty lenses = smudged/blurry video (and curious wet dog noses love the lens 🐶).

4. Get on their level

Get down on the pet's level to allow the viewer to connect with the pet. Even better, stay put and let them come to you. This also makes the pet video content way more engaging and immersive.

5. Let their be light!

The easiest lighting to use is natural light. Turn off your house lights and go next to a window OR step outside right after sunrise or right before sunset for a gorgeous, moody video. Window light in particular is great for pet product video!

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